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Save Money By Creating Your Own Outdoor Christmas Decorations – Cute DIY Projects


Over the years it seems there has been a dramatic shift from simply enjoying Christmas and spending time with the family, to competing with others on spending more and more money on decorations and gifts. Fortunately, you don’t have to forego the Christmas decorations this year just to save a few bucks. Instead, you can create a range of outdoor Christmas DIY decorations that are not only unique, but will look stunningly festive! From upcycling old bottles, to using Christmas lights in ways you’ve never thought of before, we have seven amazing DIY Christmas decoration ideas below to help you prepare for the holidays on a budget and in style!

creating your own christmas outdoor decoration

1. Stunning Pinecone Garland with Ornaments

Stunning Pinecone Garland with Ornaments


Nothing looks more festive than pine cones as they are simply iconic for Christmas trees and are a great way to bring a more natural look into your Christmas décor. To create a stunning garland to adorn your front door with, take your pinecone garland and some festive ornaments. Grab some wire (florist’s wire works best), and use lengths of it to loop through the ornament holes and secure each ornament onto the pine cone garland. Once done, get some removable adhesive hooks and secure the garland around your door frame for an absolutely picture-perfect finish to your entrance way!
Project details: here

2. Cheap Christmas Luminaries

Cheap Christmas Luminaries

If you’ve got some steps or a walkway leading to your house, then you’ll absolutely love this idea! Light up the pathway during the evening and when company is expect over with some inexpensive luminaries. Simply head over to your local dollar store for some large glass vases, or use old ones already in your house, and pick up a few large candles and faux snow while you’re at it. Once home, position the vases outside atop bundles of fir and add in a thick layer of faux snow. Atop the snow, put in a large candle and sprinkle real or fake cranberries around it for a festive finish!
Project details: here

3. Reused Flower Pots/Planters

Reused Flower Pots/Planters

Remember all of those flower pots and planters that are stored away for the return of spring? Well instead of leaving them to gather dust and critters in your shed, bring them out to help decorate your house’s exterior in preparation for the holidays! To give these planters and pots a festive look, gather some wood, pine cones, and fir trimmings to fill them with. At the bottom (especially if it’s a tall pot) put in something such as some paper bags so you don’t have to put as much in to fill the pot with. Once done, align your wood around the edges and stuff the fir trimmings inside. Next, add pine cones throughout for a complete look and you’re finished! These look great for those awkward empty spaces on decks and porches during the winter time – and the addition of snow on top simply adds to their festive look!
Project details: here

4. Eco Friendly Front Porch

Eco Friendly Front Porch

This year, don’t spend a penny on Christmas decorations for your front porch. Instead, forage around for loads of pine cones, tall branches, and fir droppings. Next, go through your storage for that old sled that you simply do not use (even though you had every intention of using when you bought it) and you’re all set to decorate! Use fir trimmings to line your door with (use fishing wire to attach them together for a garland-esque appearance), and set your old sled next to it. Next, grab some old pots and set one on each side of your entrance way. Add in some dirt and stick in your branches. Adorn those branches with pine cones and (if you have any) Christmas lights. Once done you can add random bows and maybe a sign or two for a complete front porch that’s ready for the holidays! Project details: here

5. Simple Garage Door Christmas Tree

Simple Garage Door Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for a sizeable decoration that will really attract attention to your house this holiday season, then grab a string or two of Christmas lights, some hooks (those outdoor light clips or self-adhesive hooks will do perfectly), a few ornaments, a bow, and some fishing line. Now, head out to your garage door, give it a wash, and use the hooks and lights to create the outline of a Christmas tree. Once the outline is finished, use the fishing line to hang up the ornaments and attach the bow at the top of the tree. At night, plug in the lights and see your once plain garage door light up with the Christmas spirit!
Project details: here

6. From Beer Bucket To Christmas in a Bin!

From Beer Bucket To Christmas in a Bin!

One of the easiest and most festive looking outdoor Christmas DIY decorations is this re-purposing of a large beer bucket for a stunning porch decoration! All you need aside from the bucket is some firewood, trimmed pine tree branches, and old string of lights! This is a great way to use those lights that have one or two shorted out as well, so throw the lot in! To complete the look, arrange the firewood and branches for the base of the bin. Next, mix in the lights and toss in an ornament or two! You can even add on a large red bow around the bucket if you want before placing it out on your front porch!
Project details: here

7. Repurposed Beer Bottle Lights

Repurposed Beer Bottle Lights

Last but definitely not least, set the mood for your Christmas party with some old beer bottles and a few strings of lights! In each beer bottle (labels ripped off of course) stuff down some lights until they’re filled then move on to the next one. Once done, you should have a multitude of ready to go beer bottles that you can set along your sidewalk or up your porch steps. Simply plug in the lights and you’re ready to go add a few more empty bottles to your collection!
Project details: here

8. It’s No Secret Women Love Candles : Christmas Township Candle holders

It’s No Secret Women Love Candles : Christmas Township Candle holders

Make a few Christmas Township Candle holders to use for an outdoor dinner party, adding a little variety to all your township patterns. Mocona coffee jars, any kind of recycled glass jar, vase or even a wine glass, along with some acrylic paint, small round paint brushes, can of Santa Snow, wire for handle, Isopropyl Alcohol Spray and clean cloth are all you need to bring these gorgeous candle holders to life, perfect for brightening up your Christmas. This tutorial by Shabby Art Boutique takes you through all the steps you need to follow to design your gorgeous Christmas Township Candle Holders, along with some township templates that you can use as a cut out to surround your jar, or paint the pattern onto the outside of the jar. This one is a simple and inexpensive decor project that you can make in less than an hour.

DIY Details : shabbyartboutique

9. Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

A set of tiered, exquisitely lit and truly beautiful homemade Christmas Trees topped with a huge red ribbon can build a truly magical scene in your yard, no matter if it’s the night or during the bright day. Make this gorgeous tree display with nothing more than a tomato cage, some colorful string lights, strands of wired unlit garland, bows and zip ties. This classic home decor element can add to the Christmas magic in quite a winsome way, while at the same time work as something that’s going to save those huge bucks you would otherwise spent on the expensive store-bought stuff. A surprisingly easy and super adorable project, Tomato Cage Christmas Trees is one such festival DIY that can be done by even by the little kids in a quick span of time, following a set of minimal instructions.

DIY Details : twotwentyone

10. Christmas Decorated Stoop

Christmas Decorated Stoop

This Christmas, welcome anyone who drops by with a Christmas Decorated Stoop inspiration than can add a wonderful charm to your front staircase with a lovely combination of green, silver, black and white flaunted by a bunch of traditional wreaths and garlands, a hand-drawn welcome sign, windows adorned with silver stars, lots of shimmery ribbons, a few little Christmas Trees, and a pair of boots filled with huge round ornaments, perfect to be worn by Santa. What’s great is you don’t need to spend a lot when it comes to the supplies needed for this project. Take a look at the below guide to gain a better insight about what all you need to collect and do to bring this bright and pleasing decoration to life using things that are probably lying around the house, and a few goodies gathered from the store.

DIY Details : brooklynlimestone


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