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25 Unique Homemade Christmas Cards That You Can Make Yourself This Festive Season – Cute DIY Projects


Show that special someone in your life how much you care this festive season with a homemade Christmas card! You’ll be able to customize the design, add some personal decorative touches, and create a unique piece of correspondence that your recipient will treasure throughout the holidays. Here are some super-festive design ideas that you can make in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is a few simple materials and a couple of hours of your time. The finished result? Unique Christmas cards that are more special than any you’ll find in the store…

9 Unique Homemade Christmas Cards

1. Merry and Bright DIY Christmas Cards

Merry bright DIY Christmas cards

Here’s a simple card you can make using a silhouette machine – use it to cut out your favorite Christmas designs and use them on your card creation. For an extra special touch, decorate the card with some red ribbon, and use a festive font on the front.
Project details: here

2. Printable DIY Xmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards

For a low-cost alternative to sending out loads of expensive cards to friends, family, and colleagues, how about creating your own using cardstock? Make your cards personal by including family photos and hold in place with a piece of decorative tape. This is a quick, fun, and affordable way to create your own Christmas cards this Yuletide.
Project details: here

3. 3D Decorative Christmas cards

3D Decorative Christmas cards

For something extra special this Christmas, create a 3D design on your cards. Not only does this catch the eye, but it’s fun and cheap to do. Use layered paper in different styles to create this unique card. Start with a thin piece of cardboard and then slowly layer different designs over the top. The finished product really creates an impression when standing along conventional (and somewhat boring!) store-bought Christmas cards.
Project details: here

4. Japanese Wood Christmas Envelopes

Japanese Wood Christmas Envelopes

Using a Japanese wood envelope template, medium weight Kraft paper sheet, scraps of fabric, glue, and some tape, these unique Christmas cards and envelopes really strike an impression. Contemporary but still full of Christmas cheer, you’ll be able to fill your cards with messages to your recipient.
Project details: here


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