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8 Handmade Gifts for That Special Man in Your Life – Cute DIY Projects


Nothing can compare to a handmade gift. Whatever the occasion, these gifts really tend to shine since they are often crafty, creative, and unique. There is no worrying about if he will take the gift back or if it something he really needs as a handcrafted item is one of a kind. Handmade gifts and novelties are a great way to celebrate any occasion. They tend to be appreciated a little more for the time and though that went into such a gift. Below are some unique items that special person in your life is sure to love.

8 Handmade Gifts for That Special Man in Your Life

1. Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

This unique gift combines the best of both worlds, Jack Daniels Whiskey and personal hygiene. This is an easy way to give a whiskey lover an excuse to hit a bottle of Jack when he’s not drinking. All that is needed to make this gift is an empty bottle of Jack Daniels and a soap dispenser pump. Most of the threads seem to be a universal size so the pump should tighten right up. However, make sure you do not get a pump that bulges out by the spring as this will not fit inside the bottle neck.
Tutorial: here

2. 52 Reasons I Love You


52 Reasons I Love You

This handmade gift may take a little while to craft, but the look on his face will be well worth it. This gift consists of a standard playing card deck converted into a mini-book of 52 reasons why you love him. It’s easy to make as a few standard supplies are required, and the website features a template for you to purchase and print out after adding your reasons.
Tutorial: here

3. DIY Comic Book Coasters

DIY Comic Book Coasters

What is the perfect gift for that comic book fan? Comic book coasters of course! These coasters are simple to make and involve electrical outlet covers, Mod Podge, and sandpaper. I know, it’s a weird combination, but the end result is something that comic book fan is sure to love (Note that comic books do not have to be purchased as a printout of a particular page works just as well).
Tutorial: here

4. Beer Sign Bottle Opener

Beer Sign Bottle Opener

These beer sign bottle openers are the perfect gift for that beer lover. These particular ones are made from reclaimed wood and have a “rustic” feel to them, but any sort of sturdy wood would suffice. Don’t feel limited by these colors or word selections, paint them any color you want and print a custom message to that special guy and beer drinker in your life!
Tutorial: here

5. Bicycle Brake Disc Clock

Bicycle Brake Disc Clock

This clock is a perfect fit for any man cave, garage, or den. Fabricated from old bike discs, the clock is quick and easy to assemble. The result is a highly polished clock that can keep time as good as Timex. For a personal touch, add a message or printed image around the center which will really make it stand out.
Tutorial: here

6. Rustic Leather Sketchbook

Rustic Leather Sketchbook

These cute little leather scrapbooks make the perfect gift for just about anyone. I mean who doesn’t occasionally have to jot down notes? What better way to do it than with this stylish little book? They don’t take very long to make and the leather can be substituted for the material of your choice.
Tutorial: here

7. DIY Wood Slice Serving Board

DIY Wood Slice Serving Board

A simple gift that would look great in a log cabin, this DIY cutting board is extremely cheap and easy to make. The hardest part is finding the piece of wood, but they are available in most craft stores. When creating the board, make sure that you pay extra attention when cleaning and smoothing the bark. Also, these wooden slices are typically made from Basswood which can be a little soft. However, as long as you don’t swing at it with a pickaxe, it should hold up just fine.
Tutorial: here

8. Family Charging Station

Family Charging Station

It’s quite common to see a large family fighting over plug in space for their electronic devices. Well, with a little bit of time and effort, you can create a great way to charge all of your devices at once without having to hunt for cords or fight over outlet space. After all, it is technology related and anything that has to do with technology makes a great gift for him!
Tutorial: here

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