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Top 15 Ideas For The Best DIY Advent Calendar For Kids – Cute DIY Projects


Do you want to make this Christmas more special for your kids? Then you can get some DIY Advent Calendar For Kids ideas and try them at home. This will surely make your children happy and feel special. Christmas is a festival of joy where kids love to receive gifts and surprises. So, this can be one of the best ideas to make the long and most anticipated countdown for Christmas joyful and memorable.

Top 15 Ideas For The Best DIY Advent Calendar For Kids

1. Daily Activites Advent Calendar

Daily Activites Advent Calendar

Make a background with a beige colour paper. You have to cut a green coloured paper and make a Christmas tree out of this. Then you have to make small removal pockets in a definite size. You can choose your camera cap size for this. If you don’t have then select any other size to make small red pockets. Sew them with a ribbon and hang it on a button. Write the numbers on all 24 pockets. Tutorial link.

2. Simple Tree Topped Mini Box Advent Calendar

Simple Tree Topped Mini Box Advent Calendar


You can make cute and small boxes topped with Christmas trees. For this you will need 24 boxes and number stamps and dark ink to stamp on the boxes. Then on top of the lid you have to fix the Christmas tree and tie a Red and white baker’s twine along with some bells and balls. This will look really very cute and sweet. Tutorial link.

3. Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

You can take small boxes and with the help of a needle and thread tie baker’s twine through the lids. This way all the boxes will hang with the thread. Fill each and every box with some toys or small candies. Write numbers on all the boxes and paint them according to your wish. Colour the lid with some colourful and vibrant colours. Tutorial link.

4. The Simplest Advent Calendar Yet

The Simplest Advent Calendar Yet


This is a very simple yet exciting idea. You have to buy 24 paper sacks or envelop and number stickers. You can type or write down small messages on small papers. Some exciting ideas and to-do things will be a good one. Put them inside each sacks and number them. Tape it so that it doesn’t remain open. Stick them on a wall, door or anywhere. Tutorial link.

5. {Christmas Cheer Link Party} Holiday Craft

{Christmas Cheer Link Party} Holiday Craft

Take some clothes pin and colour it white and red. Stick the numbers on it. Take muslin bags where you can put your gifts and tie it. Take a bulletin board and stick each and every bag with that clip. Put all those bags in a pyramid shape. The arrangement will be like this – 24th at the top and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on at the bottom. Tutorial link.

6. Easy No Sew Burlap Advent Calendar

Easy No Sew Burlap Advent Calendar


You have to fold the ribbons to make a pocket. Make 24 such pockets each of 4 to 5 inches long. Use glue to attach the side or if you want you can sew it too. Design it with red and green ribbons which will give the accent of Christmas. Stick the numbers on each and every pocket. Put some toys, candies or other gifts into those pockets and hang them in a thread. Tutorial link.

7. Make a Mason Jar Advent Calendar

Make a Mason Jar Advent Calendar

Buy 24 blue mason jars for making a perfect advent calendar for your kids. Wrap them up with stars and striped twines of candy cane. This is very much girly and is perfect for your girl kid. Every morning they will open one with date or number. You have to put some gifts inside each jar. Tutorial link.


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