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Cherry Blossom Art From Soda Bottle in 11 Easy Steps – Cute DIY Projects


Cherry blossoms have long been a symbol of prosperity and beauty in Japan, which makes them an ideal element of this lovely DIY project. Try painting a cherry blossom with bare hands, and you’ll soon realize that you’re unable to create symmetrical petals, unless your painting skills are good. But who would have thought that a recycled soda bottle could make the perfect stamp for cherry blossoms? Instead of doing everything all by yourself, why don’t you ask your kids to join you? They will certainly love the idea of creating unique pieces of cherry blossom art from a recycled soda bottle, which they will proudly showcase in their bedroom, or in your personalized “Hall of Fame” (or should that be “Rope of Fame”?). See how to do this DIY project below.

Cherry Blossom Art from Soda Bottle in 11 Easy Steps

Step 1.

Gather the necessary supplies. Ideally, you should have red, white and black paint, a soft brush, a paper plate to mix colors, a small water recipient to clean the brush, and a 0,5-liter soda bottle, which will serve as the stamp for the cherry blossoms. Don’t forget white poster board or card board, which will be the perfect backdrop for this artwork.


Step 2.

Dip the brush in water and black color, then start to paint the first branch of your cherry tree.


Step 3.

Keep painting branches, and make sure that they aren’t too thick. Don’t worry if they aren’t straight, as curvier ones will look even better!


Step 4.

Squeeze a bit of red paint on the paper plate. Meanwhile, your branch will have just enough time to dry.


Step 5.

Squeeze white paint over the red one. Since you aim for a light shade of pink, you’ll need more white paint than red one.


Step 6.

After you’ve cleaned your brush, use it to carefully mix the red and white paint on the paper plate.


Step 7.

Keep mixing until both colors are fully incorporated. You should obtain a light shade of pink – if it isn’t what you’re expecting, adjust it by adding a bit more red or white paint until you get the desired shade.


Step 8.

Dip the bottom of the soda bottle in the now-pink paint – carefully, to avoid making a mess.


Step 9.

Remove excess paint by shaking it a little above the paper plate. This is very important, otherwise you risk ruining your artwork.


Step 10.

Press the plastic bottle on the poster board or card board, then lift up. This should leave a beautiful five-petal cherry blossom that will look really marvelous. Dip the bottle in pink paint each time you repeat the stamp, and create as many cherry blossoms as you want. Have your children do this, and let them have fun!


Step 11.

Let the cherry blossoms dry, and you’re done.



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