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This DIY Moss Bath Mat Brings Self-Thriving Lush Greens Inside Your Home! – Cute DIY Projects


A super soft bath mat adorned with live moss not only integrates a touch of greenery to your house’s interior, but also feels oh so soothing on the feet. And the best part is that the slowly-evolving plants don’t even call for much of maintenance – it thrives on the water that drips off your body after a nice shower. Craft a DIY Moss Bath Mat all by yourself and cherish the lushness at a fraction of the cost of store-bought ones!

DIY Moss Bath Mat

It is possible to make that transition from “insanely comfortable shower time” to “everything else you absolutely have to do with your life” a little easier by stepping out onto a lush, comfortable shower mat covered in moss. These mats are commercially available, but are still on the pricey side. If you don’t have that kind of extra money and/or want a fun weekend project, here’s how to get it for a lot less:

What you are going to need to assemble the mat is a sheet of high density foam that’s about 1 inch thick, a sharp utility knife or an Xacto knife, a nice spray adhesive, a cardstock for working out the stencil, a marker or grease pencil, a hot glue gun, a spray bottle filled with water, lots of moss tac, and lots of assorted moss.

The first step to create the mat is to figure out the base size, followed by measuring and cutting two same-sized sheets of foam from the roll. The material works best for wet-dry use, as it’s often also used in the making of store-bought moss mats. Next, cut out the outer edge of the sheets to form free-flowing curved edges.

The key is to create loads of cutouts on the mat in order to place the moss, wherein the shape is entirely a matter of your creativity, or can simply be based on the shapes of the moss pieces. The cutouts for the moss are only need to be made on the top layer of foam – all you need to do is place the individual pieces on the sheet and use them as stencils to draw shapes on the foam, followed by using a knife to cut through the thickness of the foam.

DIY Moss Bath Mat

(Video and pictures via ThreadBanger)

Work out as many cutouts as it takes to cover the whole mat with moss. Prefer going for small sections to avoid an excessive growth of the plant.

Now comes the part where you need to seat the mat using a nice spray adhesive in order to create a watertight environment for the greens. Apply the adhesive to the back of the top layer that has got all the cutouts, carefully sealing the edges and all the sections of the mat. Place the top layer on the second foam layer and adhere them together using a hot glue gun. A heavy weight object or a few books can help you weigh down the sheet while the adhesive dries.

Your DIY mat is ready to get adorned with those bright moss pieces, but it’s also essential to ensure their healthy survival. Coat each of the cutout sections with some moss tac and spray water on the same to mist the mat’s surface of the mat.

The last part is to plant the moss – dip the pieces in a bucket of water and place them inside the cutouts by matching the shapes and the stencil. Insert the moss into the cutouts until the mat gets fully covered.


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