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18 Adorable Diaper Cake Ideas to Make a Baby Shower More Special!


Speaking of baby showers, diaper cakes are one of the most common things to pop up in mind when it’s about a baby gift or a unique piece of decoration that suits the occasion just perfect. Oh yes, super adorable diaper cakes are equally easy to build, and that’s exactly what these incredible Diaper Cake Ideas exhibit!

best diaper cake ideas

1. Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Motorcycle Diaper Cake

This super adorable diaper cake is an ideal choice for a boy’s baby shower, employing a cute stuff toy for the rider. Those tiers are an assembly of diapers, wrapped in pretty ribbons. You need diapers, cake pan, rubber bands, receiving blankets, bibs, chain link toy, socks or mittens, a baby bottle, washcloth, scissors, pins, a stuffed animal, and decorative ribbon.

DIY Details : sweetaprils

2. Fondant Style Diaper Cake

Fondant Style Diaper Cake

Taking a look at a 3-tier cake as extravagant as this one, you simply can’t figure out that it’s not actual fondant covering a spongy cake inside. Diapers rolled inside are wrapped in beautiful patterned fabrics in a monochromatic scheme, adding decor elements like faux flowers, beaded chains and lovely ribbons. You can also integrate tulle for making a gift wrap.

DIY Details : sweetaprils

3. Book-Theme Diaper Cake

Book-Theme Diaper Cake

Oh so colorful felt balls circle each tier of this white-hued diaper cake beautifully, while a large monogram made out of a wooden letter stands atop the third tier. Apt and appropriate for a book-theme shower, the cake is easy to assemble and has got a lovely topper made by rolling three burp cloths, further wrapping a headband around them.

DIY Details : domesticcharm.blogspot

4. Ribbon Bow Diaper Cake

Ribbon Bow Diaper Cake

Designed for a baby girl with a brown and pink nursery color scheme, this diaper cake has got a large pink ribbon bow wrapped around one of its tiers. A large paper towel roll placed in the middle is used to hold the three tiers together, while beautiful brown ribbons wrap the top and bottom tier. Decorate with soft toys and faux flowers.

DIY Details : allicrafts.blogspot

5. Ribbon-Loaded Diaper Cake

Ribbon-Loaded Diaper Cake

Forming three tiers by arranging diapers in a spiral, wrap different colors of pretty ribbons around each layer of the cake, further adding cute ribbon bows to the wraps. You will need Pampers swaddlers, wired ribbon, a round cake base, a yarn or string, big crochet hook and small gifts for the decorative touches. Add onesies, toys and more!

DIY Details : hammerandthread.blogspot

6. Little Ducky Diaper Cake

Little Ducky Diaper Cake

Repurposing takes a new turn when a baby bottle and a baby powder case is kept in the middle and loads of rolled up diapers are added around them to work up the tiers of this cake. And why it’s named little Ducky is well explained by that cake topper – a super cute pink toy duck. You need diapers, rubber bands, flat base, bottle of baby powder, cheapy plastic baby bottle and pop up glue dots.

DIY Details : susiestampalot

7. Jungle-Theme Diaper Cake

Jungle-Theme Diaper Cake

It’s all about the decorative elements you use on tiered diaper cakes that make them stand out with a unique theme. This jungle-inspired diaper cake is wrapped in receiving blankets secured in the back, wrapping the tiers with ribbon. Ultra cute tree embellishments, an owl made out of paper, and banner on top makes this one special.

DIY Details : themodesthomestead

8. Tractor Diaper Cake

Tractor Diaper Cake

Let’s shape loads of diapers as a mini tractor for your little one! The supplies include diapers, receiving blankets, munchkin dishwasher basket, pacifier, stuffed animal, ribbon and rick rack, felt, cotton balls or pom poms, yellow marker, rubberbands, paper towel tubes, scotch tape, straight pins, hot glue and hot glue gun, cooking pots and kitchen towels.

DIY Details : agweb

9. Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake

Present this on a baby shower and there’s going to be absolutely no one who wouldn’t fall in love with this choo choo train diaper cake. Although, it looks quite intricate, putting this cake together is a total child’s play. And that huge flower in the front steals the show here, while the engine and those huge tires are next to unbeatable.

DIY Details : youtube

10. Owl Diaper Cake

Owl Diaper Cake

Screaming out the meaning of cute with every single bit of its appearance, this owl diaper cake comes with a huge baby bib that goes for the body of the creature. Two wide open eyes have got white shank buttons for the backdrop, while metal studs form the pupils. The wings are created with baby blanket, and socks go for the nose.

DIY Details : bugaboocity

11. Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake

Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake

Winsome baby items from Disney Baby line work as the foundations of this diaper cake that’s centred around the classic cartoon character, Minnie Mouse. The 3 tiered goodness is adorned with Disney baby Minnie Mouse sippy cup, a teether, jingler, mini elastic hair ties, large rubber bands, some coordinating ribbon and Minnie on top.

DIY Details : thesuburbanmom

12. Polka Dot Pattern Diaper Cake

Polka Dot Pattern Diaper Cake

The polka dot and striped blankets in different colors used to assemble this cake are going to take one and all by awe – thanks to their soothing hues and the complimenting patterned dots. Beautiful ribbons are used to decorate cake layers and make loops for toys and other items, while those spoons are stuck into a safety pin.

DIY Details : reallyquitelucky.blogspot

13. Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Natural flowers and ribbons are put to employment to assemble this one heck of all diaper cake ideas that celebrates true elegance. Wrapping the tiers with 2 layers of coordinating ribbon, you can stuff the gap on top with tissue paper, goodies, baby bottle, or lotion. a wire butterfly, bowflowers, an initial, and baby utensils are the stars!

DIY Details : ourbestbites

14. Diaper Bassinet Tutorial

Diaper Bassinet Tutorial

This ubercool yet subtle-looking bassinet is actually nothing but loads of diapers arranged to bring out that awesome shape. No more than 12 diapers, some large rubber bands, an old cereal box or thin cardboard, some ribbon or jumbo ric rac, a burp cloth or baby washcloth and a clear tape are all it takes.

DIY Details : cuteasafox

15. Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Who wouldn’t scream ‘zoom zoom’ when they grab a glimpse of this motorcycle diaper cake that’s surely impressive yet so effortless to work up? Diaper spirals for tires, and baby milk bottle for the headlight are themselves, super chic ideas – on top of that, you have got a lovely handle made out of receiving blankets and socks.

DIY Details : pinkcakeplate

16. DIY Diaper Boat

DIY Diaper Boat

The showstopper of the baby shower gathering needs to be out-of-the-box and of course, adorable! And this little boat constructed out of baby diapers does that just perfect. Then nautical themed boat is well equipped with a ship wheel, an anchor, some faux fishes made of stuffed toys and pretty cupcake flags that form a banner on top.

DIY Details : theotherjohnsons

17. Glam N Glitz Diaper Cake

Glam N Glitz Diaper Cake

This one’s going to take your breath away with the base it’s kept on! The surface is draped with super soft crinkly cream fabric, which is further cinched with a pink ribbon tied in a floppy bow. The cake layers are wrapped with giraffe-print ribbons, while for the decor, the author goes for yarn pom-poms, paper accordion wheels, and tissue paper poms.

DIY Details : beautifulmatters

18. No-Roll Diaper Cake

No-Roll Diaper Cake

What makes this technique to put together a diaper cake stand out is the fact that it doesn’t require any rubber bands or rolling. Plus, one can only see the white part of the diapers in the finished cake. It’s amazing how that little tiger seems to hold the cake, while a beautiful tulle bow adds the finishing touches.

DIY Details : gritsandgiggles.blogspot

Employ one or more of the above diaper cake ideas as the centerpiece for a baby shower celebration, or simply offer them as wonderful presents to new parents, they are going to be a sureshot hit every single time!


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