Home Decoration 17 Must-Try Cereal Box Crafts Ranging from Organizers to Table-Top Decorations

17 Must-Try Cereal Box Crafts Ranging from Organizers to Table-Top Decorations


Once the contents of cereal boxes have all been turned into delicious breakfast meals, you don’t need to throw the empty boxes away. Because, a bit of creativity and just a matter of few minutes is all it takes to work up a whole bundle of amazing cereal box crafts that range from DIY organizers to decorative pieces.

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Must-Try Cereal Box Crafts

1. Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin

Cereal Box Upcycled into a Magnetic Paper Bin

Your workplace surely needs this super cute paper bin that sticks to the wall with a magnet adhered to its back. Once you have cut the cereal box into the desired shape, cover it with a nice printed scrapbook paper and turn the simple box into a magnetic bin in just a matter of 5 minutes.

DIY Details : sohosonnet

2. Upcycled Cereal Box Organizer

Upcycled Cereal Box Organizer

Whip up a chic organizer for all the magazines around the office or home, simply by upcycling a used cereal box. The insides of the box are lined with a solid hued paper, while the exterior flaunts a pattern. Go for felt sheets for the bottom, adding finesse to the edges of the organizer using some washi tape.

DIY Details : everydaydishes

3. DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Bid farewell to messy, unmanaged drawers because you have got these handmade drawer dividers to work their magic. The brightly colored dividers are nothing but cereal boxes that serve the purpose of adding individual sections to the drawers for a fraction of the cost of their store-bought counterparts.

DIY Details : iheartorganizing

4. Cereal Box Puzzle

 Cereal Box Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles can never get out of trend! Even better when an interesting puzzle and hours of playtime come with something that’s assembled at home. The key is to draw a puzzle grid on the insides of the cereal box, further making interlocking edges with the help of a coin. Cut the individual pieces out and let the games begin!

DIY Details : artzycreations.blogspot

5. Cereal Box Monster Jaws

Cereal Box Monster Jaws

Easy to make cardboard monsters with big snapping jaws are a must-make. What you are going to need is a cereal box, some brads, a strong adhesive, something to poke holes through the cardboard, a pair of scissors, and a rules. Cutting cardboard strips and joining them together in a specific fashion is the secret.

DIY Details : itsalwaysautumn

6. Marquee Heart from a Cereal Box

Marquee Heart from a Cereal Box

A decorative piece of shining splendour is what we call this marquee heart that can be used a table-top decor or hung on the wall. Strips of cereal box are put together to form a heart shape, further adding the standing edges and covering it throughout with shining silver duct tape. Lights are pushed into slits cut in the shape, taping wires onto the back.

DIY Details : madincrafts

7. Cereal Box to Foldable Doll’s House DIY

Cereal Box to Foldable Doll’s House DIY

Isn’t that dollhouse crafted with 2 dimension furniture and decor pieces adhered to the walls of the house oh so adorable? To make your colorful dollhouse, you need two cereal boxes, duct tape, coloured paper, scissors, ruler, a glue stick, some white paper, a printer and pens. Oh yes, the kids can pack it up and carry along wherever they go.

DIY Details : redtedart

8. DIY Valentine’s Day Upcycled Heart Charms

DIY Valentine's Day Upcycled Heart Charms

Who would guess that these uber cute heart charms were actually otherwise useless empty cereal boxes? The Valentine’s Day charms are painted with hot pink and red nail polish, while that heartbeat line in the middle is drawn using a black permanent marker. Attaching a chain to the hearts also turns them into love-loaded neckpieces.

DIY Details : curlymade.blogspot


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