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Make This Chocolate Coca Cola Easter Egg Surprise


Easter is almost round the corner and every grocery store across the world is ready to tempt us by putting chocolate eggs and bunnies at the display. But how about putting a creative and innovative spin on the traditional chocolate Easter egg?

Make This Chocolate Coca Cola Easter Egg Surprise

This is an amazing video about a Chocolate Coca Cola Bottle Easter Surprise which will leave you craving for chocolate. It will give you a remarkably unique way of giving away sweets this festival. This Chocolaty Coca Cola Bottle is not only super easy to make but you’re definitely going to love the results as well.

The credit for this incredibly awesome DIY goes to DaveHax which is all set to blow away your mind by its awesomeness. With over 2 million views, this DIY is something to seriously think about for every chocolate lover out there.

Chocolate Coca Cola Bottle Easter Egg Surprise

What you’ll need:
This bottle is fun to make because it requires very less materials. You will need a bottle of coke, a chocolate bar and any candy you love the most.

How to make:
For making this amazing coca cola bottle, you will need to have a thoroughly cleaned bottle which is completely dry from inside. The process also requires you to prepare melted chocolate which will set on the bottle and eventually take a shape of your coco cola bottle. You may need to show some patience while creating this marvelous piece of chocolate because it is very delicate.

Once you get your chocolate bottle, clean up all its imperfections to get a fine looking Chocolate Coca Cola Bottle Easter surprise. You can fill anything inside your bottles such as candy or Easter eggs and gift it to your loved ones.

For understanding each step more comprehensively, watch the video, it will make it easier for you to create your chocolate bottle.


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