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25 Utterly Innovative DIY Bathroom Projects To Give Your Space a Chic Makeover – Cute DIY Projects


Giving your home a gorgeous decor is surely the most important element of a great homemaking, but that small corner of your house meant for the complete personal care deserves equal attention and creativity when it comes to the interiors, the decorations, the storage, as well as the functionality. Whether you want to make the most of a small bathroom, wish to add a few things of decoration to add some style, or simply looking out of clever bathroom accessories, below are 25 Utterly Innovative DIY Bathroom Projects To Give Your Space a Chic Makeover, that too keeping things surprisingly easy-to-achieve.

Utterly Innovative DIY Bathroom Projects To Give Your Space a Chic Makeover

1. Antique Sewing Drawer turned Seed Box

Antique Sewing Drawer turned Seed Box

Add a new statement to your bathroom with this antique-looking seed box that’s going to make everyone smile at the very first glimpse – all thanks to its classic, rustic appearance and the gorgeous flowers blooming inside those mason jars stored in the seed box. Purchased for no more than 3 dollars, an orphaned drawer from an antique sewing cabinet found at a thrift store is actually been converted into this stunning piece of bathroom decor, following just a handful of steps. Simply transfer an “antique seed box” advertising graphic to the box using scrap vinyl and transfer tape, further painting the letters in white.

DIY Details : oldewindmillfarm

2. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories

Your really don’t need to get rid of those old, used mason jars just yet – turn them into a charming accent as well as a super cool bathroom storage that can keep all those Q-tips, cotton balls, the toothbrushes and other nitty-gritty items on hand. The storage set has been built by customizing different sized mason jars with a bright coat of white paint. And yes, one of the jars can also work as an adorable DIY Vase, while the other is transformed into an unconventional soap dispenser with the help of a soap converter kit.

DIY Details : masonjarcraftslove

3. Toilet Paper Holder Shelf And Bathroom Accessories

Toilet Paper Holder Shelf And Bathroom Accessories

Is the toilet paper roll in your bathroom simply sitting on the shelf and finds itself flowing all over the place at times? Or do you want to add a new flair to the idea of the same metal holder to secure the roll in place? Attach the holder to a small piece of stained scrap wood that can not only keep the roll handy, but also work as an awesome shelf for putting decorative accessories like a small plant, air freshener, or a flower vase. All you need is scrap wood, Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Care stain and polyurethane, corner brackets and screws.

DIY Details : diyshowoff

4. DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign

Now here’s a super cool industrial farmhouse bathroom sign that you can place above you toilet seat and remind everyone that they have to flush when needed ! The supplies you need to gather include some chalk in the paint colors Sheepskin and Parisian Grey, white home decor wax, a few brushes, a layering block, wooden plaque, some metal letters, a sanding block, a hammer and Nails. What can be better than making sure the space stays clean and fresh, that too with a touch of home decor with something as chic as this pretty sign?

DIY Details : cherishedbliss

5. Bath Time Photos and DIY Canvas Prints

Bath Time Photos and DIY Canvas Prints

Wall art brings a new essence to any space, specially if they keep you close to some of the best memories of your life, just like these photo canvases. Once you have got your favorite pictures printed out, you are all set to get the project going with the help of a few canvases, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a measuring tape, some Mod Podge in matte, a few paint brushes, some frog tape, and some craft paint. We bet you are going to fall in love with how these photo canvases turn out when finished and installed on the wall.

DIY Details : thecrazycraftlady

6. How to Make a Hallway Sign

How to Make a Hallway Sign

Hallways signs are something we only get to see in movies, or in those century-old palaces or mansions – but what if only three readily available items when put together can help you build a more than gorgeous Hallways sign with a unique vintage feel ? Installed outside your bathroom room, this hallways sign looks so charming with it’s intricately designed frame that’s actually pretty plant brackets bought from the garden section, that lovely wooden plank working as the base, and lastly, the letters written using some vinyls.

DIY Details : mycottagecharm

7. DIY Bathroom Cabinet

DIY Bathroom Cabinet

Converted into a gorgeous bathroom cabinet to work for a great storage space in a small bathroom, this one is actually an antique window frame that has got the perfect texture and rustic appeal to itself, worthy enough of complimenting just about any kind of bathroom decor. And of course, it’s a totally unconventional idea that takes just a deal of a few wooden shelves, a wooden back and a box to work out the whole cabinet with that special antique window front to substitute for the cabinet door. Use some clear glass jars for storage, and voila!

DIY Details : lizmarieblog

8. Enamel Mug Organizer

Enamel Mug Organizer

If you love the idea of minimalism and want to integrate a totally out-of-the-box piece of storage to your bathroom, this Enamel Mug Organizer is all you need to get inspired. A reclaimed piece of wood works as the base for three solid toned enamel mugs, wherein one of them has been placed upright and the other two sideways. The wonderful organizer has got the cup handles disguised as towel hooks, while little knick-knacks like hand towels, cotton balls or pretty fresh flowers can be stored in the cops. Building it calls for some glue, screws and a metal chain, all put together as explained by the below guide by Home Road.

DIY Details : homeroad

9. Re-purposed Window Bathroom Towel Rack

Re-purposed Window Bathroom Towel Rack

It’s hard to believe that perking up a trash-find old window can yield this awesome end results. This amazingly beautiful re-purposed bathroom towel rack has been constructed from a window, retaining its shabby chic look with chipped paint and imperfections built over time by coating it with a water-based polycrylic. The window has been hanged on the wall using arge saw-tooth hangers, while adding hooks in the front to serve the purpose of towel hanging. As showcased in the below guide by House By Hoff, it’s right to state that a little spruced up look is brought by adding pretty starfish to the window panes, and the work of art gets all set!

DIY Details : housebyhoff

10. DIY Rope Towel Holder

DIY Rope Towel Holder

Even wondered that ropes could be a beautiful bathroom decoration? And not only a thing of decor, but they can also be an equally purposeful element of the whole space, just like this amazing DIY Rope Towel Holder flaunting a unique nautical feel. If you know how to tie a rope, you are ready to get started with the project, putting a pair of scissors, two galvanized clips, a glue gun, screws, wall anchors, hammer, measuring tape, screwdriver, and a drill to basic use. That custom-made holder crafted all by you can give many store-bought towel hangers a run for their money.

DIY Details : grecodesigncompany


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