Home Decoration 18 Valentines Day Wreaths Bringing Out A Romantic Touch To The Scene!

18 Valentines Day Wreaths Bringing Out A Romantic Touch To The Scene!


Pretty combos of pinks, whites and reds – spreading a romantic essence all over the space is the whole idea about making Valentines day special. And a wonderful and easy to make wreath surely fits in the idea for a great Valentines day home decor. To get you inspired for the same, below is a collection of 18 stunning Valentines day wreaths.

best Valentines Day Wreaths

1. Simple Fabric Punch Ruffle Wreath

Simple Fabric Punch Ruffle Wreath

Red is the color of love and this super adorable ruffle wreath here puts the tone to its best use as it flaunts the Valentines vibe. This amazingly easy to make wreath requires a straw wreath, two different fabrics – one solid red and a striped fabric, glue and crafting tools. Cover half of the wreath in the striped cloth and the other half with the red fabric in the frill pattern. The red fabric makes the gorgeous contrast with the monochrome cloth and the little bunting completes the wreath with utmost beauty. The wreath will surely spread the right welcome and festive vibes for your guests and loved ones. Have a look at the link below and you can also gift this wreath to your family and friends for Valentines day.

Details :  thecelebrationshoppe

2. DIY Reversible Clothespin Valentine’s Wreath

DIY Reversible Clothespin Valentines Wreath

What can be better than making a decor piece that is perfect for two different occasions and fulfills the purpose just right like this clothespin wreath here. With the right colorful clothespin design and super fun embellishments, this piece is a great way to add the much needed festive spirit on your front door. All you need to make this chic item is valentine’s patterned papers and green patterned papers, wood clothespins, a wire wreath frame and embellishments. Start by putting the valentine paper on one side and the green paper on the other on the clothespin and do the same with each. Attach the clothespins to the wreath frame forming the valentine design on one side and the st. patty’s design on the other side. Top both the sides with the respective embellishments and you are ready for both the festivals.

Details : kitchencents

3. Pink Heart Valentine Wreath

Pink Heart Valentine Wreath

Something in red, pink and loaded with hearts are the perfect elements that define the lovely day of Valentines. Just like this wreath that makes the beautiful combination of all these elements, giving life to this gorgeous piece suitable for the decor. You need ribbons, paint, glitter and a magnificent metal heart to put this together. This wreath will surely be the focal point when put on the front door or in a wall decor setting. You can paint the heart in pink, red, white or any color of your choice making a contrast according to your arrangement. The wreath can be used throughout the year to add a charm to the setting as it will surely spread the love and beauty with its splendour.

Details : etsy

4. Tulip Heart Wreath

Tulip Heart Wreath

Flowers are the perfect gift for Valentines and what can be better than a super pretty flower wreath that is right to gift for Valentine’s day, a wedding or any time you wish to say I love you or show someone you care. With utmost beauty and grace, this wreath is going to be the stunning showstopper in your decor as it flaunts the lush elegant look. All you need to put together this piece is a base wreath, some artificial tulips in red, pink or white and a ribbon. You can make a single color item or make a gorgeous blend of all the colors that bring out the best look for the wreath. The main point about this piece is that it comes with flowers arranged in a heart that also adds charms to its beauty.

Details : etsy

5. Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

A DIY that also involves kiddos and is super easy to make will surely be an icing on the cake.  With the amazing elegance, these yarn wrapped hearts only require a heart shaped cookie cutter, foam sheet and yarns in different tones. All you have to do is stick one end of the yarn to the foam heart and start wrapping it with the yarn until it is completely covered and poke the free end to the foam. You can attach some to a wreath as embellishments or top the wreath with these hearts completely. For added beauty, you can also introduce some glitter lettering or cupid arrows to the hearts making it super cute and pretty. The final piece looks so gorgeous that it can also be gifted to your friends and family.

Details : fynesdesigns

6. Valentine’s Love Wreath

Valentines Love Wreath

Just like any other festive day, the Valentines Day requires a perfect decor in the house that will beautifully welcome love. This subtle piece here features the beauty of finger knitting as the wreath frame is wrapped with finger knit rope making it so simple and yet pretty. The gorgeous white color used for the rope makes it even more mesmerizing and gives a lush look for the base. The wreath is topped with some super cute red crochet hearts for the embellishments adding charm and contrast to the white rope base. For the final touch and added element, the wreath is accented with a Love burlap bunting in the middle. The bunting adds a rustic look to it because of the burlap cloth and rope. The result looks perfect for the front door or a wall decor setting.

Details : juliemeasures

7. Yarn Wrapped Valentine’s Day Wreath

Yarn Wrapped Valentines Day Wreath

Yarn work projects are nothing new to winters, but using this soft cozy material to build a wreath doesn’t quite always cross the mind – unless you have got a super pretty inspiration like this one on hand. Not just loads of white yarn, but a rustic lacey brown bow that’s tied around the top of the wreath and makes it ready to hang is equally winsome and takes the cake with its intricate designing. You can go for any structural wreath form or a styrofoam one to get this one done, wrapping yarn all over around the foundation. To get the much needed romantic touch to the picture, the author here adds a beautiful Love banner that has got each of the letters worked up in heart-shaped cut outs, stringed together with a piece of twine or thick thread. To learn more about the same, head to the below tutorial by It Happens in a Blink.

Details : ithappensinablink

8. Fabric Strip Valentine Heart Wreath

Fabric Strip Valentine Heart Wreath

Adorning the bright red tone that depicts the right vibe of Valentine’s day, this wreath here flaunts a full look and works up perfect for the decor. For this piece, all you need is a heart shaped wire wreath form, red fabric, ribbon and a designer scissor. The method being super easy, you just need to cut strips from the fabric and tie each one to the wreath form. Continue this process until there is no space left for any further strips. Top the wreath with a magnificent bow made from the ribbon that makes a cute combination with the red tone of the fabric and adds a lot of beauty. The wreath will also be able to hang from a hook, or a nail but you can also introduce another piece of ribbon to hang it.

Details : craftymorning

9. DIY Flower Heart Wreath

DIY Flower Heart Wreath

So easy to put together and yet so gorgeously elegant, these wreaths only require some flowers and bunches of leaves with a heart shaped wire form. All you need to do is make a heart with the wire and collect various florals that you want to display in your wreath and start by dressing up your wire with eucalyptus leaves with the help of their branches. Top the wreath with versatile flowers and put them in various places on the wreath, you can also put lots of flowers for a stunning lush look. You can make a number of wreaths for the beautiful wall decor setting in varied sizes as the final results are super pretty and also perfect for a wedding decor or as a gift to a loved one. Have a look at the tutorial below for a better understanding.

Details : babasouk


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