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10 Fascinating Aladdin Birthday Party Ideas To Cast a Magical Spell!


Aladdin has undoubtedly been one of the most loved characters of the young and kids alike since ages. And he is yet again in theatres with a lovely live action film by Disney, being the perfect inspiration for a birthday party theme  Get the magic integrated to your occasion with the below Aladdin Birthday party ideas.

Fascinating Aladdin Birthday Party Ideas

1. Make a DIY Wishing Lamp

Make a DIY Wishing Lamp

Who doesn’t have a wishlist on their mind or on a piece of paper hidden somewhere? No matter the age, at some point we always wish for a genie to appear out of nowhere and grant us all our wishes. And that’s why celebrating all those wishes this Aladdin season by working up a DIY wishing lamp seems to be a wonderful idea. Oh yes, you can also store all your wishes in the lamp and keep them safe.  All you are going to need is a lamp-like container, some gold plastic party bowls, some plates, gold duct tape, stick-on jewels, and a bendable straw to get started with the project. Simply jot down your wishes on tiny rocks, decorating them with a few touches of beauty and throw them down in the lamp.

Idea Details : homeliteracyblueprint

2. Aladdin Themed Birthday Party

Aladdin Themed Birthday Party

How about charming all the guests at your little one’s birthday party by immersing them in the Aladdin spirit the moment they enter the party space? The kiddos will instantly fall in love with those sparkling 3 dimensional letters that spell out the birthday girl or boy’s name, while that huge cake topped with a realistic-looking copper-shine magic lamp makes it hard to take your eyes off. The whole arrangement at this party sports amazing color combinations of purple, pink, aqua and lots and lots of golden. Everything, ranging from those party favors and the cake table come with an overdose of glitter, while sticking to the theme at the same time. Apart from the cake, the tiered cake table is loaded with yummy cupcakes that are decorated with dark blue whipped cream swirls.

Idea Details : catchmyparty

3. A Whole New World Party

A Whole New World Party

The moment someone mentions Arabian Nights, that glorious view of Agrabah comes to the mind in an instant! Let’s create a birthday party that takes the cake with a lovely view of the fantasy town flaunted by each of its elements. What this party decor features includes a royal palace dessert table, an Aladdin themed birthday cake, some Arabian dessert trays, cave of wonders cake pops staircase, a Magic Carpet, and a lovely dessert table cover. The S’mores cupcakes sit on a tray that flaunts an intricate pattern, while the cake is topped with a miniature sculpture of princess Jasemine. Even each of the cake pops are worked up with embellishments or fondant cut outs that work as a reminder of Aladdin and all the magic around him.

Idea Details : karaspartyideas

4. Moroccan Birthday Party

Work with a whole bunch of vivid colors with a one-of-a-kind birthday that has got a cake table marked with genie lamps, lamp-themed boxes for party favors, purple iced cupcakes, purple and blue raspberry rock candies, and  a crown cake topper. The table setting with those gold embossed foil plates, jeweled party hats, colorful balloons, and DIY jeweled napkin holders. The photobooth is a special feature adorned with ceiling drapes, life-size golden palace for photos; while the beauty bar has got lovely bracelets, mardi glas beaded necklaces, coin belly dance waist belts and so much more. That golden wire chandelier with its stunning details and Moroccan design is to-die-for. Pinks, blues and whites dominate the whole decor, alongwith a few other color touches.

Idea Details : sarominspired

5. Gorgeous Arabian Themed Princess Jasmine Birthday Party

 Gorgeous Arabian Themed Princess Jasmine Birthday Part

The kind of gorgeousness that this jewel-themed party comes with is no less than magical! And that Arabian touch that it has got makes it even more mystical, charmed up by the combination of pink and blue. The kids would adore those super large jars loaded with candy and decadent treats, while that 2 tiered cake goes with the theme just right. Even the macaroons come in a theme of orange, pink and purple, having the party favor boxes sport the hue of Jasmine’s outfit. For that element of hidden treasures and jewelry, the table has got beautiful jewelry boxes placed on each of the trays, while the party table is loaded with colorful bead chains and jewels. Magic lamp tops the birthday cake yet again, and those paper lanterns in the same combination scream splendour out loud!

Idea Details : hellowonderful

6. Princess Jasemine

Princess Jasemine

Why should only the little birthday girls get dressed in that fantasy-loaded Jasmine spirit? Here’s a princess Jasmine themed preparation for the young ladies, ranging from a sparkling gown outfit to floral blooms in purple, orange and bright greens. That multi-tiered cake sports a unique pattern for each of the tiers, while the cake table is dressed up with a lovely Moroccan pattern cloth. The picture-perfect treat table has got a whole bunch of glass jars and containers to hold different candies and other treats, alongwith some jars housing colorful sparkling ornaments. Each and every single frame that crosses your eyes at this party decor looks unbelievably rich and luxurious, be it the different table cloths, the tulle curtains in pastel shades, the shiny chandeliers, the invitation cards, the party favours, the blue embellished pretzels, the flower vases, and more!

Idea Details : sassymouth

7. Cave of Wonders Outdoor Party

Cave of Wonders Outdoor Party

If you are planning to throw a memorable party in the yard and want to get it all done in a fabulous Aladdin inspired style, you are going to fall head over heels in love with this setup that arranges the celebration inside a lovely outdoor tent. The tent not only protects the kiddos from the heat outside, but also creates a sense of fantasy adventure while they celebrate the special occasion. The base blue structure is adorned with tulle curtains in lovely pink and purple, while a cave of wonders sign is placed at the top center of the tent. Loads of colourful lanterns hang inside to bring out some glow in the dark, while one corner of the tent seems to look no less than a treasure hunt loaded with things like large ornaments, more lanterns, lamp-like decorations and other stuff that brings out the Agrabah touch alive! Not to forget, you have got the treats table just opposite to the treasure hunt, which is further adorned with party favours, the birthday cake and more snacks!

Idea Details : i.pinimg

8. Genie Bracelets

Genie Bracelets

Haven’t we all have dreamt about meeting Genie at some point in our lives? While some of the kids attending the party must have met him in their dreams, how about letting each one of them feel a bit like Genie themselves with nothing but a small party accessory that can easily be worked up at home. And all it takes is just a handful of steps to pull off these awesome looking Genie bracelets that you can tie on the wrists of the guests! The bracelets are all about the idea of best out of waste as they are made with empty toilet paper rolls, further coated in a lovely golden spray paint. For some added touches of extraordinaire, let the kids decorate their bracelets with blingy stick on jewels, and voila!

Idea Details : instagram

9. Genie Cutouts for Candy Table

Genie Cutouts for Candy Table

Are you all set with your Aladdin or Jasmine themed party decorations? How about making the space even more adorable by integrating the magical charm of Genie into it? And that too, in the traditional Arabian Nights by Disney style? The best thing about the idea is that it gets all set in just a few minutes of work and of course, a bit creativity! All you need to do is adhere a cardstock cutout of Genie to a wooden stick or dowel, wherein you can cutout and assemble the shape with individual cardstock pieces or can even print out the whole drawing on the paper, further gluing it to the stick.

Idea Details : pin.it

10. Princess Jasmine Birthday Party

Princess Jasmine Birthday Party

What a chic take on a regular princess themed party, this Jasmine inspired decor is all about pastel prettiness! A few elements that make the whole decor stand out include a super cute Arabian themed birthday cake that has got Genie’s lamp as its topper, lovely dessert stands with a gold and ornate touch, cake table adorned with gorgeous pruple and golden linen fabric, jewel and tassel-adorned drink bottles, yummy Aladdin cookies on sticks, and so much more that makes it hard to believe that it’s all for real! The whole key is to assemble each of the elements in colour schemes that work as a reminiscent of Jasmine and the Arabian nights, while adding a nice dose of glitter at some spots!

Idea Details : karaspartyideas

Working up grand cakes that look no less than the actual Agrabah of dreams or dressing up the special ones like Aladdin and Jasmine was never so easy that the above Aladdin Birthday party ideas make it!


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