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She Applied A Touch Of Red Lipstick Around Her Eyes


Dark eye circles are a nightmare for most of us, and while it is true that you can easily get rid of them with fat grafting and other medical procedures, most of the time these minor interventions turn out to be quite expensive. If you are looking for a temporary fix and you want to look your best on your next date, then check out this awesome tutorial that will teach you a brand new trick!

Step 1: Grab A Red Lipstick And A Regular Make-Up Brush

For this cool trick, you will need to simply grab any red lipstick you can get your hands on – the brand is not important at all, but the texture and the color is, as it should be very red yet still match your skin tone.

This trick is perfect for those with a darker complexion, although it works flawlessly for women with a pale skin as well. Once you have your lipstick set, all you need to do next is to grab a regular make-up brush and get started! Check out the video tutorial below!

She Applied A Touch Of Red Lipstick Around Her Eyes - The Result Is Jaw-Dropping!

Step 2: Start Applying The Lipstick Around Your Eyes

After you have dabbed your make-up brush in the red lipstick, gently apply it under your eyes – and the best part about the whole trick is that the red lipstick can be used on virtually any other area of your face where you notice a slight discoloration, be it your chin, your cheeks or the area around your mouth.

How to Mask Dark Under Eye Circles – Video Tutorial

(Video and pictures via Deepica Mutyala)

You can apply a bit of the red lipstick on the top lids as well, as it will neutralize any discoloration or blemishes and it will even out the entire area before you apply the concealer.

Once you are done, just go on with your regular make-up routine – apply the concealer as you normally would, and it should perfectly mask any dark spots. This trick is so awesome that you will want to use it everyday, as it really works flawlessly!

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