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30 Extraordinary Homemade Body Scrubs Pampering Your Skin


A soothing and rejuvenating body scrub with its coarse texture, pleasant aroma and stress-relieving essential oils can make your skin feel as supple as that of a baby in just a matter of few minutes. What’s amazing is that you can prepare an incredible scrub at home with just a few natural ingredients, keeping things totally free from harsh chemicals. And yes, they smell and work as good as those super costly store-bought beauty brand versions of the product. Below are 30 Extraordinary Homemade Body Scrubs Pampering Your Skin and Soul Just Like Magic!


Homemade Body Scrubs

1. Spiced Orange Sugar Scrub

Spiced Orange Sugar Scrub

Preserve fall in a jar with this scrub combining orange essential oil with the goodness of pumpkin spice. The wonderful fragrance and color come from brown sugar.

Recipe Details : lifewithlovebugs

2. Lime Salt Scrub

Lime Salt Scrub

Refreshing lime juice keeps the driest of skins buffed. The awesome-smelling scrub has got Kosher salt and grated lime peels responsible for the texture.

Recipe Details : gluesticksgumdrops

3. Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice Salt Scrub

Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice Salt Scrub

Oozing with the reminiscence of a delicious pumpkin pie, here’s a homemade scrub loaded with nutmeg and three essential oils – cinnamon, ginger, and clove.

Recipe Details : soapdelinews

4. Geranium Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub

Geranium Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub

As good for alleviating depression as it soothes the skin, the scent of Geranium essential oil is combined with pink Himalayan salt and nourishing coconut oil.

Recipe Details : freutcake

5. Lemon Body Scrub

Lemon Body Scrub

Lemon, olive oil and sea salt, when put together to yield a naturally refreshing body scrub, will make your skin as smooth and soft as a luxurious spa.

Recipe Details : bittersweetwalnutgrove

6. Citrus Salt Scrub

Citrus Salt Scrub

While grapeseed oil gets absorbed into the skin like magic, this scrub gets its antioxidizing properties from citrusy essential oils like lemon, grapefruit, and lime.

Recipe Details : offbeatandinspired

7. Almond and Floral Scrub

Almond and Floral Scrub

Sporting an added element of color and fragrance with lavender buds and flower petals, this exfoliating goodness packs Epsom salt, sweet almond oil and floral oil.

Recipe Details : liagriffith

8. DIY Rose Body Scrub

DIY Rose Body Scrub

Smell exactly like a gorgeous rose bud, while your skin feels incredibly smooth by the actions of coarse and fine sea salts, rose essential oil and jojoba oil.

Recipe Details : oh-sopretty

9. Coffee Salt Scrub

Coffee Salt Scrub

Oozing the tempting aroma of coffee, this scrub loaded with sea salt, coffee grounds, coconut oil and lemon essential oils is your way to prepossessing skin.

Recipe Details : savynaturalista

10. Citrus Green Tea Body Scrub

Citrus Green Tea Body Scrub

That gorgeous glow is just one aspect of this unearthly scrub that not only gets rid of toxins, but also relaxes your muscles with citrusy essential oils and green tea.

Recipe Details : dabblesandbabbles


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