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Wine Glass Snow Globe Candle Holders


Make these adorable little wine glass snow globe candle holders for Christmas decor! They are so cute!

I found this cute little camper ornament at the craft store and just cut off the string!

Here’s a video of me making them…

Wine Glass Snow Globe Candle Holders


  • Wine glass
  • Hot glue gun
  • Figurines/ornaments
  • Fake snow/foam balls
  • White paint
  • Sturdy Cardboard I used a Cheez-it Box
  • Ribbon
  • Pillar candle


  • Trace the bottom of a wine glass on a piece of thin cardboard. Cut it out. Paint it white and let dry.

  • Pour some fake snow or balls in the wine glass. Glue on your figurines to the cardboard circle.

  • Put hot glue around the rim of the wine glass then tip the figurines upside-down and press around the edges. If any snow falls out add extra hot glue.

  • (Optional) Paint the outside bottom rim with white paint and sprinkle with glitter or snow! If there’s excess cardboard just cut it off.

  • Tie a bow with ribbon and hot glue it on.

  • Top with a pretty pillar candle!

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